Services Research


Investigating the role of semantics in modeling, description, enactment and execution in service-oriented architectures

The services science research laboratory at the Kno.e.sis Center investigates the role of semantics in modeling,description, enactment and execution of services and processes. The services group, formerly known as the METEOR-S project group at the LSDIS Lab, has been a pioneer in many of the semantics and services related research advancements.

The growth of service-oriented architecture (SOA) offers an attractive basis for realizing dynamic architectures, which mirror the dynamic and ever-changing business environment. With the help of industry-wide acceptance of standards like Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (WS-BPEL), Web Service Description Language (WSDL), and SOAP/REST, Web Services offer the potential for low cost and immediate integration with other applications and partners.

Current Research

Recent research has focused on the latest extension of SOA, popularly known as Cloud computing. Computing clouds represent the next evolution of SOA by offering infrastructure, platform, or software as services. This presents significant challenges to the established service computing practices, but we see plenty of opportunities to apply semantics and SOA knowledge in this new field of research.

Past Research

In the context of SOAP based services, the research in the services science lab focused on adding semantics to Web services standards (WSDL-S, SAWSDL, WS-Policy, and WS-Agreement), services discovery and selection (MWSDI and Semantic Services Registry) and adaptive and autonomic services(Event Identification and Adaptation). Our open source software releases can be downloaded from kno.e.sis open source downloads page.

In the context of REST-based services, we focused our research on SA-REST and SMASHUPs. SA-REST, like SAWSDL is an evolutionary way to add semantics to rest based services. Currently, the notion of mashups is limited to static binding of services or provide limited dynamism. A smashup is defined as a semantically enriched mashup that can be composed on the fly.