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Kno.e.sis specializes in the use of semantic and services science for data integration, analysis and process management. Drawing upon several decades of the collective expertise of our faculty in database management (including integration, mining, and visualization), AI and knowledge representation, and bioinformatics, our research focuses on realizing a knowledge society that utilizes semantics and services as key enablers. Our work encompasses current the areas of Semantic Web, services-oriented computing, scientific workflows, business process management, data management and mining (including pattern recognition, machine learning, and NLP), evolutionary computing, and bioinformatics. The key application areas we are involved in are e-science (including bioinformatics, biomedicine, health care), Web-based information management (including search and business intelligence), and national/homeland security (including intelligence analysis). Our research has pioneered techniques and capabilities related to:

  • ontology management and multi-ontology environments
  • integration and analysis of heterogeneous (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) data
  • advanced and intelligent search, browsing, querying, mining, analysis, and knowledge discovery
  • semantic annotation of documents, scientific data and services involving entity and relationship extraction/disambiguation
  • semantic enhancement of Web 2.0 technology, including social search and light-weight services, semantic middleware, and semantics-enabled networking
  • semantic Web services and processes, including semantics-based publication discovery, composition, and dynamic binding of services

Much of the Kno.e.sis Center's research is transdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary, team-oriented, has a strong practical and systems orientation, and involves partners from industry, scientists, and the government. This means visions and concepts lead to prototypes and their evaluation with the participation of academic and commercial partners, technology development, and licensing, followed by real-world deployment, or commercialization with our partner institution DaytaOhio.

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