kHealth: A Personalized Healthcare approach for Pediatric Asthma

TitlekHealth: A Personalized Healthcare approach for Pediatric Asthma
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsUtkarshani Jaimini, Hong Yung Yip, Venkatraman, R, Dipesh Kadariya, Vaikunth Sridharan, Thirunarayan Krishnaprasad, Maninder Kalra, Amit Sheth
VenueNSF Smart Health Workshop

kHealth: Knowledge-enabled Healthcare
Can we assess the asthma control level, determine vulnerability, and medication compliance for a patient?
Can we understand the causal relationship between the asthma symptom and possible factors responsible for it?
Can we reduce the number of asthma attacks through continuous monitoring of the patient’s health condition?

Full Text

kHealth: A Personalized Healthcare Approach for Pediatric Asthma. U Jaimini, H Y Yip, R Venkataraman, D Kadariya, V Sridharan, T Banerjee, K Thirunarayan, M Kalra, A Sheth. NSF Smart Health Workshop, September 2018.