On Searching the Internet of Things: Requirements and Challenges

TitleOn Searching the Internet of Things: Requirements and Challenges
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPayam Barnaghi, Amit Sheth
MagazineIEEE Intelligent Systems
Issue Number6
Date Published11/2016
ISSN Number1541-1672
Accession Number16448660
KeywordsCloud Computing, Data Analysis, Data Handling, Data Storage Data, Data/service Provider Resources, Data/service Discovery, Data/service Search, Information Networks, Information Retrieval, Information Search And Retrieval Intelligent Systems, Internet of Things, Internet Of Things Searching, IoT, Iot Data Resources, Iot Data Service Access, Iot Discovery, Iot Search Engine, Knowledge Discovery, Search Methods, Search Engines, Semantic Web, Service Resources, Stored Data, Web Services

Internet of Things (IoT) data services are designed to be available to devices and users on request at any time and at any location. Quality, latency, trust, availability, reliability, and continuity are among the key parameters that impact efficient access and use of IoT data and services. However, current data and service search, discovery, and access methods and solutions are more suited for fewer and/or static (or stored) data and service resources. IoT resources differ in terms of the number of resources and the complexity and amount of data. Efficient discovery, ranking, selection, access, integration, and interpretation and understanding of the data and services requires coordinated efforts among network, data/service provider resources, and core IoT components. This article describes some of the requirements and discusses the key challenges to build scalable and efficient search and discovery mechanisms for the IoT.

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P. Barnaghi, A. Sheth. On Searching the Internet of Things: Requirements and Challenges. IEEE Internet Computing, 31(6), Nov. 2016, pp. 71-75. IEEE Computer Society.