Wisdom Application in Swarm: A WisSwarm Approach

TitleWisdom Application in Swarm: A WisSwarm Approach
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsUtkarshani Jaimini, V. Panchal
Conference Name2014 International Conference on Optimization, Reliabilty, and Information Technology (ICROIT)
Pagination53 - 56
Date Published02/2014
Conference LocationFaridabad, India
KeywordsRough granular computing, Swarm Intelligence, Wisdom Technology, WisSwarm

In Swarm Intelligence, every single agent works in a group as a system to solve a problem. There is no centralized force governing the system. Each agent uses its own wisdom to work and collaborate with its fellow agents to constitute a swarm intelligence. Therefore, wisdom plays a key role in swarm intelligence. Without wisdom problem solving is an impossible task in every domain of life. This combination of Wisdom and Swarm is known as WisSwarm (Wisdom in Swarm).