A novel web-based depth video rewind approach toward fall preventive interventions in hospitals

TitleA novel web-based depth video rewind approach toward fall preventive interventions in hospitals
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMoein Enayati, Tanvi Banerjee, Mihail Popescu, Marjorie Skubic, Marilyn Rantz
Conference Name36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Pagination4511 - 4514
Date Published08/2014
Conference LocationChicago, IL
Accession Number14716850
Keywordsdepth video review, fall alarms generation, fall detection system, fall preventive interventions, hospital rooms, Kinect depth images, patients privacy, shadow-like image capture, video frames, visualization techniques, Web based application, Web-based depth video rewind approach

The purpose of this study was to implement a web based application to provide the ability to rewind and review depth videos captured in hospital rooms to investigate the event chains that led to patient's fall at a specific time. In this research, Kinect depth images are being used to capture shadow-like images of the patient and their room to resolve concerns about patients' privacy. As a result of our previous research, a fall detection system has been developed and installed in hospital rooms, and fall alarms are generated if any falls are detected by the system. Then nurses will go through the stored depth videos to investigate for possible injury as well as the reasons and events that may have caused the patient's fall to prevent future occurrences. This paper proposes a novel web application to ease the process of search and reviewing the videos by means of new visualization techniques to highlight video frames that contain potential risk of fall based on our previous research.

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