KnowledgeWiki: An OpenSource Tool for Creating Community-Curated Vocabulary, with a Use Case in Materials Science

TitleKnowledgeWiki: An OpenSource Tool for Creating Community-Curated Vocabulary, with a Use Case in Materials Science
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsNishita Jaykumar, PavanKalyan Yallamelli, Vinh Nguyen, Sarasi Lalithsena, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Amit Sheth
Conference NameWorld Wide Web 2016
Date Published04/2016
Conference LocationMontreal, Canada
KeywordsKnowledgeWiki, Linked Data application, Materials Science, Open source, Provenance metadata, Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Web, Singleton Property, Wikidata

Resource Description Framework (RDF) datasets can be created by transforming structured databases, extracting the triples from semi-structured and unstructured sources, crowd-sourcing, or by integrating the existing datasets. The reliability and quality of these datasets can be improved by the participation of domain experts via a special purpose tool or a crowd-sourced application. Wikidata and Semantic MediaWiki are platforms which facilitate this kind of crowd-sourced data curation.
We present our system, KnowledgeWiki, which is built upon the existing Semantic MediaWiki. We develop a novel extension by adopting the singleton property data model in our KnowledgeWiki. This extension allows various kinds of metadata about the RDF triples to be created in the Wiki. We combine this extension with other extensions such as semantic forms to provide a user-friendly, Wiki-like interface for domain experts with no prior technical expertise to easily curate data. We also present our new enhancement to Semantic Mediawiki, which facilitates importing existing RDF datasets into the wiki-based curating platform based on the singleton property approach, that preserves the provenance of individual triples. We also describe how it is being used by the materials science community to create and curate
consolidated vocabularies.

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