Ontology-enabled Healthcare Applications Exploiting Physical-Cyber-Social Big Data

TitleOntology-enabled Healthcare Applications Exploiting Physical-Cyber-Social Big Data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAmit Sheth
Conference NameOntology Summit 2016
Date Published04/2016
Conference LocationVirtual
KeywordsEHR, healthcare

Healthcare applications now have the ability to exploit big data in all its complexity. A crucial challenge is to achieve interoperability or integration so that a variety of content from diverse physical (IoT)- cyber (web-based)- and social sources, with diverse formats and modality (text, image, video), can be used in analysis, insight, and decision-making. At Kno.e.sis, an Ohio Center of Excellence in BioHealth Innovation, we have a variety of large, collaborative healthcare/clinical/biomedical projects, all involving domain experts and end-users, and access to real world data that include: clinical/EMR data (of individual patients and that related to public health), data from a variety of sensors (IoT) on and around patients measuring real-time physiological and environmental observations), social data (Twitter, Web forums, PatientsLikeMe), Web search logs, etc. Key projects include: Prescription drug abuse online-surveillance and epidemiology (PREDOSE), Social media analysis to monitor cannabis and synthetic cannabinoid use (eDrugTrends), Modeling Social Behavior for Healthcare Utilization in Depression, Medical Information Decision Assistant and Support (MIDAS) with application to musculoskeletal issues, kHealth: A Semantic Approach to Proactive, Personalized Asthma Management Using Multimodal Sensing (also for dementia), and Cardiology Semantic Analysis System (with applications to Computer Assisted Coding and Computerized Document Improvement).

This talk will review how ontologies or knowledge graphs play a central role in supporting semantic filtering, interoperability and integration (including the issues such as disambiguation), reasoning and decision-making in all our health-centric research and applications. Additional relevant information is at the speaker’s HCLS page.