QFed: Query Set for Federated SPARQL Query Benchmark

TitleQFed: Query Set for Federated SPARQL Query Benchmark
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsNur Rakhmawati, Muhammad Saleem, Sarasi Lalithsena, Stefan Decker
Conference Name16th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services
Conference LocationHanoi, Vietnam
KeywordsData Integration, Federation SPARQL Query, Linked Data

The increasing attention for federated SPARQL query systems emphasize necessity for benchmarking systems to evaluate their performance. Most of the existing benchmark systems rely on a set of predefined static queries over a particular set of data sources. Such benchmark are useful for comparing general purpose SPARQL query federation systems such as FedX, SPLENDID etc. However, special purpose federation systems such as TopFed, SAFE, etc. cannot be tested with these static benchmarks since these systems only operate on a specific data sets and the corresponding queries. To facilitate the process of benchmarking for such special purpose SPARQL query federation systems, we propose QFed, a dynamic SPARQL query set generator that takes into account the characteristics of both dataset and queries along with the cost of data communication. Our experimental results show that QFed can successfully generate a large set of meaningful federated SPARQL queries to be considered for the performance evaluation of different federated SPARQL query engines.

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