PLASMA-HD: Probing the Lattice Structure and Makeup of High-dimensional Data

TitlePLASMA-HD: Probing the Lattice Structure and Makeup of High-dimensional Data
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDavid Fuhry, Yang Zhang, Venu Satuluri, Arnab Nandi, Srinivasan Parthasarthy
Conference NameVLDB Endowment
Date Published08/2013

Rapidly making sense of, analyzing, and extracting useful information from large and complex data is a grand challenge. A user tasked with meeting this challenge is often befuddled with questions on where and how to begin to understand the relevant characteristics of such data. Real-world problem scenarios often involve scalability limitations and time constraints. In this paper we present an incremental interactive data analysis system as a step to address this challenge. This system builds on recent progress in the fields of interactive data exploration, locality sensitive hashing, knowledge caching, and graph visualization. Using visual clues based on rapid incremental estimates, a user is provided a multi-level capability to probe and interrogate the intrinsic structure of data. Throughout the interactive process, the output of previous probes can be used to construct increasingly tight coherence estimates across the parameter space, providing strong hints to the user about promising analysis steps to perform next. We present examples, interactive scenarios, and experimental results on several synthetic and real-world datasets which show the effectiveness and efficiency of our approach. The implications of this work are quite broad and can impact fields ranging from top-k algorithms to data clustering and from manifold learning to similarity search.