Crisis Response Coordination in Online Communities

TitleCrisis Response Coordination in Online Communities
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsHemant Purohit
Conference NameNSF SOCS Symposium
KeywordsCoordination, crisis computing, Crisis Informatics, crisis response, crisis response coordination, donation coordination, emergency coordination, need-offer matching, seeker-supplier analysis, Social Media

During recent crises, citizens (sensors) are increasingly using social media to share variety of information- situation on the ground, emerging needs, donation offers, damage, etc. In such an evolving ad-hoc community, how can we extract actionable nuggets from the social media streams to aid relief efforts? This doctoral consortium presentation summarizes a framework to analyze social data and manage information to assist coordination by focusing on three important questions to answer: Whom to coordinate with, Why to coordinate and How to coordinate, with exemplary insights for needs and availability from the recent disaster events.

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