Semantic Interoperability in Global Information Systems

TitleSemantic Interoperability in Global Information Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsAris Ouksel, Amit Sheth
JournalACM SIGMOD Record

Abstract Internet, Web and distributed computing infrastructures continue to gain in popularity as a means of communication for organizations, groups and individuals alike. In such an environment, characterized by large distributed, autonomous, diverse, and dynamic information sources, access to relevant and accurate information is becoming increasingly complex. This complexity is exacerbated by the evolving system, semantic and structural heterogeneity of these potentially global, cross-disciplinary, multicultural and rich-media ...

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A. Ouksel and A. Sheth, 'Semantic Interoperability in Global Information Systems,'ACM SIGMOD Record 28 (no. 1), March 1999, pp. 5-12;