The Internet of Things: The Story So Far

TitleThe Internet of Things: The Story So Far
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPayam Barnaghi, Amit Sheth
MagazineIEEE Internet of Things
Date Published09/2014
KeywordsActionable Information, Actionable Knowledge, Ambient Intelligence, Internet of Things, physical-cyber-social systems, Semantic Sensor Network

The IoT is not about collecting and publishing data from the physical world but rather about providing knowledge and insights regarding objects (i.e., things), the physical environment, the human and social activities in the physical environments (as may be recorded by devices), and enabling systems to take action based on the knowledge obtained. In other words, raw IoT data is not what the IoT user wants; it is mainly about ambient intelligence and actionable knowledge enabled by real world and real time data.

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