Interactive Visualization of GRT and BioHTS Data

TitleInteractive Visualization of GRT and BioHTS Data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSara Gharabaghi, Thomas Wischgoll, Rhonda Vickery, Ross Smith, Leslie Blaha, Thomas Lamkin, Steven Kawamoto, Robert Trevino, Eric Bardes, Scott Tabar
Conference NameAFRL-AFIT Human-Machine Systems Colloquium

The scope of this project is to provide better tools for statistical and informational visual analysis for High Throughput Screening of Biological Infectious Agents (BioHTS), General Recognition Theory (GRT) modeling, and areas where pipelines of unstructured datasets of all types must be analyzed. A parallel coordinates plot is one of the more effective visualization methods for visualizing multivariate data.