Physical-Cyber-Social Computing: Looking Back, Looking Forward

TitlePhysical-Cyber-Social Computing: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsPayam Barnaghi, Amit Sheth, Vivek Singh, Manfred Hauswirth
MagazineIEEE Internet Computing
Issue Number3
Date Published05/2015
KeywordsBig Data, Internet of Things, Internet/Web technologies, IoT, PCS, physical-cyber-social computing, Web of Things

Physical-cyber-social (PCS) computing involves a holistic treatment of data, information, and knowledge from the physical, cyber, and social worlds to integrate, understand, correlate, and provide contextually relevant abstractions to humans and the applications that serve them. PCS computing extends current progress in cyber-physical, socio-technical, and cyber-social systems. Here, the guest editors consider powerful ways to exploit data available through various Internet of Things (IoT), citizen and social sensing, Web, and open data sources that are seeing explosive growth. This special issue highlights a variety of PCS applications, such as smart firefighting, intelligent infrastructure, and user guidance in an airport.