Domain-specific Document Retrieval Framework for Real-time Social Health Data

TitleDomain-specific Document Retrieval Framework for Real-time Social Health Data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSwapnil Soni
Conference NameInternational Conference on Data Integration in the Life Sciences 2015 (DILS2015)
Date Published06/2015
Conference LocationLos Angeles, CA

With the advent of the web search and microblogging, the percentage of Online Health Information Seekers (OHIS) using these online services to share and seek health real-time information has in- creased exponentially. OHIS use web search engines or microblogging search services to seek out latest, relevant as well as reliable health in- formation. When OHIS turn to microblogging search services to search real-time content, trends and breaking news, etc. the search results are not promising. Two major challenges exist in the current microblogging search engines are keyword based techniques and results do not contain real-time information. To address these challenges, we developed an ap- proach to search near real-time and reliable content from Twitter, based on triple-pattern mining, near real-time retrieval, and ranking consider- ing popularity and relevancy of the results.

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