Role of Semantic Web in Health Informatics

TitleRole of Semantic Web in Health Informatics
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSatya S. Sahoo, G. Zhang, Amit Sheth
KeywordsParasite research

This tutorial weaves together three themes and the associated topics: [1] The role of biomedical ontologies [2] Key Semantic Web technologies with focus on Semantic provenance and integration [3] In-practice tools and real world use cases built to serve the needs of sleep medicine researchers, cardiologists involved in clinical practice, and work on vaccine development for human pathogens.

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Satya S. Sahoo, G Zhang, Amit Sheth. Tutorial presented at 2012 ACM SIGHIT International Health Informatics Symposium (IHI 2012), January 28-30, 2012.
project: Tcruzi
year: 2012
time: January 28-30, 2012
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