Semantic Similarities between Objects in Multiple Databases

TitleSemantic Similarities between Objects in Multiple Databases
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsVipul Kashyap, Amit Sheth

Many organizations face the challenge of interoperating among multiple independently developed database systems to perform critical functions. With high interconnectivity and access to many information sources, the primary issue in the future will not be how to efficiently process the data that is known to be relevant, but which data is relevant. Some of the best known approaches to dealing with multiple databases, discussed in Chapter 1, are tightly coupled federation, loosely coupled federation, and interdependent data ...

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V. Kashyap and A. Sheth, “Semantic Similarities between Objects in Multiple Databases,”in Heterogeneous Distributed Database Systems, A. Elmagarmid, M. Rusinkiewicz, and A. Sheth (Eds.), Morgan Kaufmann, 1998, pp. 57–89.
year: 1998
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