Semantic Enterprise Content Management

TitleSemantic Enterprise Content Management
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAmit Sheth, M. Fisher
KeywordsAutomatic Classification, Content Management System, Enterprise Content Management, Knowledge Discovery, Metadata Annotation, Metadata Enhancement, Metadata Extraction, Ontology, Semantic Metadata, Semantic Technology, Semantic Web, Text Analytics

The emergence and growth of the Internet and vast corporate intranets as information sources has resulted in new challenges with regard to scale, heterogeneity, and distribution of content. Semantics is emerging as the critical tool for enabling more scalable and automated approaches to achieve interoperability and analysis of such content. This chapter discusses how a Semantic Enterprise Content Management system employs metadata and ontologies to effectively overcome these challenges. Keywords: Semantic ...

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M. Fisher and Amit P. Sheth, “Semantic Enterprise Content Management,”in Practical Handbook of Internet Computing, M. P. Singh (Ed.), Baton Rouge, LA: Chapman Hall / CRC, 2004, pp. 9-1: 9-21.
pages: pp. 9-1: 9-21.
publisher: Baton Rouge, LA: Chapman Hall / CRC
year: 2004
hasEditor: M. P. Singh (Ed.)
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hasBookTitle: Practical Handbook of Internet Computing