Maintenance of Frequent Patterns: A Survey

TitleMaintenance of Frequent Patterns: A Survey
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsJinyan Li, Limsoon Wong, Mengling Feng, Guozhu Dong

This chapter surveys the maintenance of frequent patterns in transaction datasets. It is written to be accessible to researchers familiar with the field of frequent pattern mining. The frequent pattern main-tenance problem is summarized with a study on how the space of frequent patterns evolves in response to data updates. This chapter focuses on incremental and decremental maintenance. Four major types of maintenance algorithms are studied: Apriori-based, partition-based, prefix-tree-based, and concise-representation-based algorithms. The authors study the advantages and limitations of these algorithms from both the theoretical and experimental perspectives. Possible solutions to certain limitations are also proposed. In addition, some potential research opportunities and emerging trends in frequent pat-tern maintenance are also discussed.

Full Text

Mengling Feng, Jinyan Li,Guozhu Dong, Limsoon Wong. Maintenance of Frequent Patterns: A Survey. Book chapter in: Post-Mining of Association Rules: Techniques for Effective Knowledge Extraction. Editors: Yanchang Zhao, Chengqi Zhang and Longbing Cao. IGI Global.
year: 2009
hasEditor: Yanchang Zhao
hasBookTitle: IGI Global

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