The Cloud Agnostic e-Science Analysis Platform

TitleThe Cloud Agnostic e-Science Analysis Platform
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsAjith Ranabahu, Paul Anderson, Amit Sheth
KeywordsCloud Computing, escience

The amount of data being generated for e-Science domains has grown exponentially in the past decade, yet the adoption of new computational techniques in these fields hasn't seen similar improvements. The presented platform can exploit the power of cloud computing while providing abstractions for scientists to create highly scalable data processing workflows

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A. Ranabahu, P. Anderson, and A. Sheth. The cloud agnostic e-science analysis platform. Internet Computing, IEEE, 15(6):85-89, 2011
project: Cirrocumulus
pages: 85-89
year: 2011
time: 11/01/2011
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hasBookTitle: IEEE Internet Computing