Real Time Semantic Analysis of Streaming Sensor Data

TitleReal Time Semantic Analysis of Streaming Sensor Data
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHarshal Patni
KeywordsSemantic Analysis, Semantic Sensor Web, Sensor Web Enablement, Streaming Sensor data

The emergence of dynamic information sources - like Social, mobile and sensors, has led to ginormous streams of real time data on the web also called, the era of Big Data [1]. Research studies suggest, these dynamic networks have created more data in the last three years than in the entire history of civilization, and this trend will only increase in the coming years [1]. Figure 1 shows, how the total information generated by these dynamic information sources has completely surpassed the total storage capacity. Thus keeping in mind the problem of ever-increasing data, this thesis focuses on semantically integrating and analyzing multiple, multimodal, heterogeneous streams of weather data with the goal of creating meaningful thematic abstractions in real-time. This is accomplished by implementing an infrastructure for creating and mining thematic abstractions over massive amount of real-time sensor streams. Evaluation section shows 69% data reduction with this approach.

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Harshal Patni, 'Real Time Semantic Analysis of Streaming Sensor Data,' Department of Computer Science, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, 2011.
project: Semantic Sensor Web
place: Wright State University
year: 2011
time: 03/21/2011