Nominal Schemas for Integrating Rules and Ontologies.

TitleNominal Schemas for Integrating Rules and Ontologies.
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFrederick Maier, Adila Alfa Krisnadhi, Pascal Hitzler
KeywordsWeb Ontology Language and Description Logic and SROIQ and Semantic Web Rule Language and Datalog and tractability

We propose a description-logic style extension of OWL DL, which includes DL-safe variable SWRL and seamlessly integrates datalog rules. Our language also sports a tractable fragment, which we call ELP 2, covering OWL EL, OWL RL, most of OWL QL, and variable restricted datalog.

Full Text

Frederick Maier, Adila A. Krisnadhi, and Pascal Hitzler, 'A Better Uncle For OWL,' Technical Report, Kno.e.sis Center, Wright State University, 2010.
year: 2010