Dislocated Topologies

TitleDislocated Topologies
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsPascal Hitzler, Anthony Seda, Anthony K. Seda

We study a generalized notion of topology which evolved out of applications in the area of logic programming semantics. The generalization is obtained by relaxing the requirements that a neighbourhood of a point includes the point itself, and by allowing neighbourhoods of points to be empty. The correspoding generalized notion of metric is obtained by allowing points to have non-zero distance to themselves. We further show that it is meaningful to discuss neightbourhoods, convergence, and continuity in these spaces. A generalized version of the Banach contraction mapping theorem can also be established. We show finally how the generalized metrics studied here can be obtained from conventional metrics.

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Pascal Hitzler and Anthony K. Seda. 'Dislocated Topologies.' Journal of Electrical Engineering Volume: 51.12 2000: 3-7
research center: Knowledge Engineering Lab
pages: 3-7
year: 2000
hasURL: http://knoesis.wright.edu/library/download/dislocated_topologies.pdf
hasBookTitle: Journal of Electrical Engineering