SemPuSH: Privacy-Aware and Scalable Broadcasting for Semantic Microblogging

TitleSemPuSH: Privacy-Aware and Scalable Broadcasting for Semantic Microblogging
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPavan Kapanipathi, Julia Anaya, Alexandre Passant
Conference Name10th International Semantic Web Conference
Conference LocationBonn, Germany
KeywordsSemantic Web and Distributed Social Network and Social Web and Privacy and FOAF and PubSubHubbub

Users of traditional microblogging platforms such as Twitter face drawbacks in terms of (1) Privacy of status updates as a followee – reaching undesired people (2) Information overload as a follower – receiving uninteresting microposts from followees. In this paper we demonstrate distributed and user-controlled dissemination of microposts using SMOB (semantic microblogging framework) and Semantic Hub (privacy-aware implementation of PuSH3 protocol) . The approach leverages users’ Social Graph to dynamically create group of followers who are eligible to receive micropost. The restrictions to create the groups are provided by the followee based on the hastags in the micropost. Both SMOB and Semantic Hub are available as open source.

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