Description Logic Programs: Normal Forms

TitleDescription Logic Programs: Normal Forms
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsAndreas Eberhart, Pascal Hitzler

The relationship and possible interplay between different knowledge representation and reasoning paradigms is a fundamental topic in artificial intelligence. For expressive knowledge representation for the Semantic Web, two different paradigms - namely Description Logics (DLs) and Logic Programming - are the two most successful approaches. A study of their exact relationships is thus paramount. An intersection of OWL with (function-free non-disjunctive) Datalog, called DLP (for Description Logic Programs), has been described in [1,2]. We provide normal forms for DLP in Description Logic syntax and in Datalog syntax, thus providing a bridge for the researcher and user who is familiar with either of these paradigms. We argue that our normal forms are the most convenient way to define DLP for teaching and dissemination purposes.

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Pascal Hitzler and Andreas Eberhart'Description Logic Programs: Normal Forms,' Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, FAInt-07, Workshop at KI, Onsbruck, Germany, 2007.
year: 2007
venue name: FAInt-07