Characterizing Logic Programming Semantics with Level Mappings

TitleCharacterizing Logic Programming Semantics with Level Mappings
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsMatthias Wendt, Pascal Hitzler
PublisherWLP: Workshop Logische Programmierung

Declarative semantics in logic programming and nonmonotonic reasoning are often defined via fixed points of semantic operators. While many relationships between different semantics known from the literature have been studied, a uniform treatment is still missing. In this paper, we provide uniform operator-free characterizations for some of the most important semantics, more precisely, for the stable, the well-founded, and the Fitting semantics, for the weakly-perfect model semantics, and for the least model semantics for negation-free programs.

Full Text

Matthias Wendt, Pascal Hitzler, 'Characterizing Logic Programming Semantics with Level Mappings,' WLP: Workshop Logische Programmierung, Dresden, Germany, December, 2002, pp. 60-67.
pages: 60-67
year: 2002
venue name: WLP: Workshop Logische Programmierung