Managing Heterogeneous Multi-system Tasks to Support Enterprise-wide Operations

TitleManaging Heterogeneous Multi-system Tasks to Support Enterprise-wide Operations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsN. Krishnakumar, Amit Sheth
Keywordsintertask dependency, METEOR, task structure, workflow, workflow language, workflow modeling, workflow specification

The computing environment in most medium-sized and large enterprises involves old Main-frame based (legacy) applications and systems as well as new workstation-based distributed computing systems. The objective of the METEOR project is to support multi-system workflow applications that automate enterprise operations. This paper deals with the modeling and specification of workflows in such applications. Tasks in our heterogeneous environment can be submitted through different types of interfaces on different processing entities. We first present a computational model for workflows that captures the behavior of both transactional and non-transactional tasks of different types. We then develop two languages for specifying a workflow at different levels of abstraction the Workflow Specification Language (WFSL) is a declarative rule-based language used to express the application-level interactions between multiple tasks, while the Task Specification Language (TSL) focuses on the issues related to individual tasks. These languages are designed to address the important issues of inter-task dependencies, data formatting, data exchange, error handling, and recovery. The paper also presents an architecture for the workflow management system that supports the model and the languages.

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N. Krishnakumar and A. Sheth, 'Managing Heterogeneous Multi-system Tasks to Support Enterprise-wide Operations,' Distributed and Parallel Databases 3 (no. 2), April 1995, pp. 155-186.
project: METEOR
pages: pp. 155-186
publisher: Distributed and Parallel Databases
year: 1995
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