InfoHarness: Managing Distributed, Heterogeneous Information

TitleInfoHarness: Managing Distributed, Heterogeneous Information
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsKshitij Shah, Amit Sheth
JournalIEEE Internet Computing
KeywordsAttribed-based Search, Content Metadata, Content-based Search, Faceted Search, Image-based Search, InfoHarness. VisualHarness, Metadata based Web Search, Structure Metadata, Visual Information Retrieval

InfoHarness is an information integration system, platform, and tool set that addresses these problems, managing huge amounts of heterogeneous information in a distributed environment. Through a powerful, consistent user interface, InfoHarness provides rapid search of and access to information assets including documents and parts of documents, mail messages, images, code files, video clips, Web pages with URLs, InfoHarness queries, and views of relational tables. The system makes all these artifacts available without relocating, restructuring, or reformatting the data. Instead, InfoHarness associates each original artifact with an extensible set of metadata—for example, the artifact’s type, location, access rights, owner, and creation date. Using the metadata, the system rapidly, and largely automatically, creates information repositories accessible through any HTTP-compliant browser. Users can browse or query a repository for items of interest.

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Kshitij Shah and Amit Sheth, InfoHarness: Managing Distributed, Heterogeneous Information, IEEE Internet Computing, 3(6), November–December 1999, pp. 18–28.
project: InfoHarness/VisualHarness and InfoQuilt

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