Traveling the Semantic Web through Space, Theme and Time

TitleTraveling the Semantic Web through Space, Theme and Time
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAmit Sheth, Matthew Perry
JournalIEEE Educational Activities Department
KeywordsDomain Ontology, Events, EventWeb, rdf, SOA, Spatial Ontology, Spatial Relationships, Spatio-temporal-thematic Querying, Temporal Ontology, Temporal Relationships

In this installment of Semantics and Services, we further develop the idea of spatial, temporal, and thematic (STT) processing of semantic Web data and describe the Web infrastructure needed to support it. Starting from Ramesh Jain's vision of the EventWeb as a view of what's possible with a Web that better accommodates all three dimensions of event-related information (thematic, spatial, and temporal), we outline the architecture needed to support it and current research that aims to realize it.

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Amit Sheth and Matthew Perry, 'Traveling the Semantic Web through Space, Time and Theme,' IEEE Internet Computing, 12, (no.2), February/March 2008, pp.81-86.
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