Extending Semantic Provenance into the Web of Data

TitleExtending Semantic Provenance into the Web of Data
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsJun Zhao, Satya S. Sahoo, Paolo Missier, Amit Sheth, Carole Goble
JournalProvenance in Web Applications
KeywordsJanus ontology framework, Linked Open Data, Provenir ontology, semantic provenance, Web of Data

The importance of tracking and querying the provenance of experimental data for scientific applications is only now beginning to emerge, as a number of provenance management systems reach maturity. In addition to provenance, domain-specific semantic annotations to data products and the Web of Data are playing an increasingly important role as contextual metadata that can be used to assist with the interpretation of experimental data. In this article we use an example workflow, and a simple classification of user questions on the workflow's data products, to explore the combination of these three strands of contextual metadata through a semantic data model and infrastructure, and their potential to support enhanced semantic provenance applications.

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Jun Zhao, Satya S. Sahoo, Paolo Missier, Amit Sheth, Carole Goble, 'Extending Semantic Provenance into the Web of Data,' IEEE Internet Computing, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 40-48, Jan./Feb. 2011, doi:10.1109/MIC.2011.7
research center: Kno.e.sis Center
project: Tcruzi
publisher: IEEE Internet Computing
year: 2011
hasEditor: Geetika T. Lakshmanan
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hasBookTitle: Provenance in Web Applications