An XML-Based Approach to Handling Tables in Documents

TitleAn XML-Based Approach to Handling Tables in Documents
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsKrishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Trivikram Immaneni

We explore application of XML technology for handling tables in legacy semistructured documents. Specifically, we analyze annotating heterogeneous documents containing tables to obtain a formalized XML Master document that improves traceability (hence easing verification and update) and enables manipulation using XSLT stylesheets. This approach is useful when table instances far outnumber distinct table types because the effort required to annotate a table instance is relatively less compared to formalizing table processing that respects table's semantics. This work is also relevant for authoring new documents with tables that should be accessible to both humans and machines.

Full Text

K. Thirunarayan, and T. Immaneni. (January 2008). An XML-Based Approach to Handling Tables in Documents. Journal of Intelligent Systems, Vol. 17(1-3), pp. 215-228
pages: pp. 215-228
publisher: Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
year: 2008