Relationship Web: Blazing Semantic Trails between Web Resources

TitleRelationship Web: Blazing Semantic Trails between Web Resources
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsCartic Ramakrishnan, Amit Sheth
KeywordsRelationship Web

Using keywords as inputs to search engines and receiving documents as responses remains the prevalent way to access information on the Web. Although a shift toward entity awareness is a fairly recent trend in information access, such methods remain devoid of semantics, which are increasingly recognized as the lynchpin of search, integration, and analysis. We argue that relationships are at the heart of semantics, and, as such, we envision a Web of relationships to relate content across Web resources. Under ...

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Amit Sheth and Cartic Ramakrishnan, 'Relationship Web: Blazing Semantic Trails between Web Resources,'IEEE Internet Computing, July-August 2007, pp. 84-88.
project: SemDis
pages: pp. 84-88
publisher: IEEE Internet Computing
year: 2007
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