Ontology Driven Data Mediation in Web Services

TitleOntology Driven Data Mediation in Web Services
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsAmit Sheth, Meenakshi Nagarajan, Kunal Verma, John Miller
JournalInternational Journal of Web Services Research
KeywordsAxis 2.0, data mediation, Mapping, Matching, Message-level heterogeneities, METEOR-S, Ontology, SAWSDL, Web Service interoperation

With the rising popularity of Web services, both academia and industry have invested considerably in Web service description standards, discovery, and composition techniques. The standards based approach utilized by Web services has supported interoperability at the syntax level. However, issues of structural and semantic heterogeneity between messages exchanged by Web services are far more complex and crucial to interoperability. It is for these reasons that we recognize the value that schema/data mappings bring to Web service descriptions. In this paper, we examine challenges to interoperability; classify the types of heterogeneities that can occur between interacting services and present a possible solution for data interoperability using the mapping support provided by WSDL-S, a key driver behind SAWSDL. We present a data mediation architecture using the extensibility features of WSDL and the popular SOAP engine, Axis 2.

Original PublicationInternational Journal of Web Services Research
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Meenakshi Nagarajan, Kunal Verma, Amit P. Sheth, and John A. Miller, 'Ontology Driven Data Mediation in Web Services,'International Journal of Web Services Research, 4 (no. 4) October-December 2007.


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