Executing Multidatabase Transactions

TitleExecuting Multidatabase Transactions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsAmit Sheth, M. Ansari, L. Ness, Marek Rusinkiewicz
Conference NameExecuting Multidatabase Transactions

In a multidatabase environment, the traditional transaction model has been found to be too restrictive. Therefore, several extended transaction models have been proposed in which some of the requirements of transaction, such as isolation or atomicity, are optional. The authors describe one of such extensions, the flexible transaction model and discuss the scheduling of transactions involving multiple autonomous database systems managed by heterogeneous DBMS. The scheduling algorithm for flexible transactions is implemented ...

Full Text

M. Ansari, L. Ness, M. Rusinkiewicz, and A. Sheth, “Executing Multidatabase Transactions,”in Proceedings of the 25th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Kauai, HI, January 1992, vol. 2, pp. 335-346. (Best paper of the mini-track on Multi Data/Knowledge Bases).

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