Simulation Modeling with Workflow Technology

TitleSimulation Modeling with Workflow Technology
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsJohn Miller, Krzysztof Kochut, X. Wang, A. Murugan, Amit Sheth
Conference NameSimulation Modeling with Workflow Technology
Conference LocationArlington, VA

This paper presents an approach for integrating simulation modeling and analysis capabilities within the Workflow Management System (WFMS) being developed in the Large Scale Distributed InformationSystems (LSDIS) Lab at the University of Georgia. Simulationmodeling can be used for studying the efficiency of workflow designs as well as studying the general performance and reliability of WFMSs. We also discuss the importance of using sophisticated monitoring and animation capabilities, and the use of workflow management technology to advance simulation technology itself. Finally, we demonstrate asample simulation where tasks and task managers are simulated.

Full Text

J. Miller, A. Sheth, K. Kochut, X. Wang, and A. Murugan, 'Simulation Modeling with Workflow Technology,'in Proceedings of the 1995 Winter Simulation Conference, December 1995, pp. 612-619.

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