Web Service Technologies and Their Synergy with Simulation

TitleWeb Service Technologies and Their Synergy with Simulation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsJohn Miller, Amit Sheth, S. Chrasekaran, G. Silver, Jorge Cardoso
Conference Name2002 Winter Simulation Conference
Conference LocationSan Diego, CA, USA

The World Wide Web has had a huge influence on the computing field in general as well as simulation in particular (e.g., Web-Based Simulation). A new wave of development based upon XML has started. Two of the most interesting aspects of this development are the Semantic Web and Web Services. This paper examines the synergy between Web service technology and simulation. In one direction, Web service processes can be simulated for the purpose of correcting/improving the design. In the other direction, simulation models/components can be built out of Web services. Work on seamlessly using simulation as a part of Web service composition and process design, as well as on using Web services to re-build the JSIM Web-based simulation environment is highlighted.

Full Text

S. Chandrasekaran, Gregory Silver,John Miller, Jorge Cardoso, andAmit Sheth, 'Web Service Technologies and Their Synergy with Simulation,'Proceedings of the 2002 Winter Simulation Conference, San Diego CA, December 8-11, 2002, pp. 606-615.

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