Semantic Web Services for N-glycosylation Process

TitleSemantic Web Services for N-glycosylation Process
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsWilliam York, Satya S. Sahoo, Amit Sheth, John Miller
Conference NameInternational Symposium on Web Services for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Conference LocationBlacksburg, VA

Glycomics is one of the many research efforts currently underway in the biosciences domain, which is characterized by high throughput data generated at multiple experimental stages. For example, analysis of N-glycosylation encompasses stages from cell-culture to peptide identification and quantification. Research groups across the world use diverse cell cultures, separation and spectroscopic techniques, and data identification, correlation and integration methodologies. Thus, data generated at different phases of the process by multiple groups are both structurally and functionally heterogeneous. Automatic semantic annotation of such experimental data with concepts defined in domain ontology can provide detailed process information, including the experimental environment that is critical for the comparison and analysis of such data, thus increasing the opportunity for rapid knowledge discovery. Semantic annotation of scientific data not only allow standard interpretation, but by taking advantage of the rich relationships among concepts in the ontology it is possible to derive mapping, inferences and correlations that may be too obscure for analysis and discovery by humans. Web service technology is a natural enabler for synergistic usage of computational tools developed at different labs using heterogeneous data.

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Satya S. Sahoo, Amit P. Sheth, William S. York, and John A. Miller, 'Semantic Web Services for N-glycosylation Process,' International Symposium on Web Services for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Blacksburg, VA, May 25-27, 2005.

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