Active Semantic Electronic Medical Record

TitleActive Semantic Electronic Medical Record
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAmit Sheth, S. Agrawal, Jonathan Lathem, Nicole Oldham, H. Wingate, P. Yadav, K. Gallagher
Conference Name5th International Semantic Web Conference
Conference LocationAthens, GA, USA

The healthcare industry is rapidly advancing towards the widespread use of electronic medical records systems to manage the increasingly large amount of patient data and reduce medical errors. In addition to patient data there is a large amount of data describing procedures, treatments, diagnoses, drugs, insurance plans, coverage, formularies and the relationships between these data sets. While practices have benefited from the use of EMRs, infusing these essential programs with rich domain knowledge and rules can greatly enhance their performance and ability to support clinical decisions. Active Semantic Electronic Medical Record (ASEMR) application discussed here uses Semantic Web technologies to reduce medical errors, improve physician efficiency with accurate completion of patient charts, improve patient safety and satisfaction in medical practice, and improve billing due to more accurate coding. This results in practice efficiency and growth by enabling physicians to see more patients with improved care. ASEMR has been deployed and in daily use for managing all patient records at the Athens Heart Center since December 2005. This showcases an application of Semantic Web in health care, especially small clinics.

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Amit P. Sheth, S. Agrawal,Jonathan Lathem, Nicole Oldham, H. Wingate, P. Yadav, and K. Gallagher, 'Active Semantic Electronic Medical Record,' Proc. of the 5th International Semantic Web Conference, Athens, GA, November 6-9, 2006, pp. 913-926.

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