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Semantic Social Mashup approach for Designing Citizen Diplomacy

Title Semantic Social Mashup approach for Designing Citizen Diplomacy
Venue NSF Workshop on Designing Citizen Diplomacy
Year 2011
Resource Type WorkshopPaper
Keyword(s) Semantic Social Web,Semantic Social Mashup,Designing Citizen Diplomacy,socio-technical systems
Full Citation Amit Sheth, 'Semantic Social Mashup approach for Designing Citizen Diplomacy,' position paper/talk at NSF Workshop on Designing Citizen Diplomacy, Irvine, CA, January 27-28, 2011.
Abstract Advancement in technology has brought exceptional connectivity, easy and open access to communication mediums via Internet. Everyday millions of people are interactively communicating to each other and sharing multimedia content through Social Media/Networks, Web-based and mobile-based technologies. Social media provides variety of interesting, engaging applications such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flicker, Blogs. People interested in contributing to global welfare and improving humanity are connected to various NGO's like Red Cross, Ushahidi (, eMoksha (, etc. Social media and NGOs are acting as an excellent medium of communication and sharing, connected diverse people irrespective of their nationality, religion, culture, etc. Social media and mobile communication are natural tools to support citizen diplomacy; they have played pivotal role in activism for governance, democracy and other causes, as it was demonstrated in Iran Election, Haiti Earthquakes, and Tunisia crises[1].
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