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Conference Proceedings
Pankesh Patel, Amelie Gyrard, Dhavalkumar Thakker, Amit Sheth, Martin Serrano. SWoTSuite: A Toolkit for Prototyping Cross-domain Semantic Web of Things Applications. 15th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2016). Kobe, Japan: CEUR ; 2016.  (459.68 KB)
Kuldeep Singh, Andreas Both, Dennis Diefenbach, Saeedeh Shekarpour. Towards a Message-Driven Vocabulary for Promoting the Interoperability of Question Answering Systems. IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing 2016. Laguna Hills, CA: IEEE; 2016. p. 386-389.
Lu Zhou, Wenbo Wang, Keke Chen. Tweet Properly: Analyzing Deleted Tweets to Understand and Identify Regrettable Ones. 25th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2016). Montreal, Canada: ACM; 2016. p. 603-612.  (367.25 KB)
Pavan Kapanipathi, Prateek Jain, Chitra Venkataramani, Amit Sheth. User Interests Identification on Twitter Using a Hierarchical Knowledge Base. Valentina Presutti, Milan Stankovic, Erik Cambria, Iván Cantador, Angelo DiLorio, Tommaso DiNoia, Christoph Lange, Diego Reforgiato-Recupero, Anna Tordai. 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2014). Crete, Greece: Springer International Publishing; 2014. p. 99-113.  (961.33 KB)
Matthew Marangoni, Thomas Wischgoll, Yue Zhou, Leslie Blaha, Ross Smith, Rhonda Vickery. Visualization Support for Cognitive Sciences. Midwestern Cognitive Science Conference (MWCogSci 14). Dayton, OH; 2014.
Yue Zhou, Thomas Wischgoll, Leslie Blaha, Ross Smith, Rhonda Vickery. Visualizing Confusion Matrices for Multidimensional Signal Detection Correlational Methods. Visualization and Data Analysis (VDA 2014). San Francisco, CA; 2014.
Utkarshani Jaimini, V. Panchal. Wisdom Application in Swarm: A WisSwarm Approach. 2014 International Conference on Optimization, Reliabilty, and Information Technology (ICROIT). Faridabad, India: IEEE; 2014. p. 53 - 56.
Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Amit Sheth. Workshop on Semantics in Geospatial Architectures: Applications and Implementation. Pyle Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison; 2013.
Amit Sheth, Ronald Boyd, Ken Murdison, Warren Karp, Jeanne Baffa, Michael Brumnd, Jatinder Bhatia. A Low-Cost Web-Based Tool for Pediatric Echocardiographic Consultation. Clinical Pediatrics; 2003. p. 185-186.  (139.8 KB)
Amit Sheth. LSDIS: Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Lab. SIGSEMIS Bulletin; 2002. p. 75-82.  (133.13 KB)
K. Cleereman, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, M. Cheatham. Mechanisms for Improved Covariant Type-Checking. Computer Languages, Systems and Structures; 2008. p. 1-17.  (276.33 KB)
Vipul Kashyap, Amit Sheth, E. Mena, Arantza Ilarramendi. OBSERVER: An Approach for Query Processing in Global Information Systems Based on Interoperation Across Pre-existing Ontologies. OBSERVER: An Approach for Query Processing in Global Information Systems Based on Interoperation Across Pre-existing Ontologies. 1996. p. 14-25.  (120.86 KB)
Amit Sheth, Jorge Cardoso. Semantic e-Workflow Composition. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems; 2003. p. 191-225.  (648.63 KB)
Amit Sheth, Farshad Hakimpour, Boanerges Aleman-Meza, Ismailcem Budak Arpinar. SwetoDblp Ontology of Computer Science Publications. Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web; 2007. p. 151-155.  (79.42 KB)
Sagar Sharma, Keke Chen, Amit Sheth. Towards Practical Privacy-Preserving Analytics for IoT and Cloud Based Healthcare Systems. IEEE; 2018. p. 42-51.  (4.26 MB)
Journal Article
Christopher Koehler, Thomas Wischgoll. 3D Reconstruction of Human Ribcage and Lungs and Improved Visualization of Lung X-ray Images Through Removal of the Ribcage. Dagstuhl Follow-Ups. 2011 ;:176-187.
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Thomas Wischgoll. Accurate Analysis of Angiograms based on 3D Vector Field Topology. Computer Aided Geometric Design. 2013 ;30(6):542-548.
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M. Mohania, Guozhu Dong. Algorithms for adapting materialised views in data warehouses. 1996 ;.
Kalpa Gunaratna, Sarasi Lalithsena, Amit Sheth. Alignment and Dataset Identification of Linked Data in Semantic Web. Issue Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. 2014 ;4(2):139-151.  (538.34 KB)
Y. Zhao, Shaojun Wang. Almost Sure Convergence of Titterington's Recursive Estimator for Finite Mixture Models. Statistics & Probability Letters. 2006 ;:2001-1006.  (144.38 KB)
Shaojun Wang, Y. Zhao. Almost Sure Convergence of Titterington's Recursive Estimator for Finite Mixture Models. Elsevier. 2006 ;:2001-2006.
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Z. Luo, John Miller, Amit Sheth, S. Wu. Authorization and Access Control of Application Data in Workflow Systems. 2002 ;.  (286.73 KB)
Marilyn Rantz, Tanvi Banerjee, Erin Cattoor, Susan Scott, Mihail Popescu, Marjorie Skubic. Automated fall detection with quality improvement "rewind" to reduce falls in hospital rooms. Journal of Gerontological Nursing Technology Innovations. 2014 ;40(1):13-14.
Travis Doom, D. Krane, Doug Raiford, Michael Raymer. Automated Isolation of Translational Efficiency Bias that Resists the Confounding Effect of GC(AT)-Content. IEEE Control Systems Society. 2009 ;.  (4.46 MB)
Doug Raiford, D. Raiford, Dan Krane, D. Krane, Travis Doom, Michael Raymer. Automated Isolation of Translational Efficiency Bias that Resists the Confounding Effect of GC(AT)-Content. 2008 ;.
Mahda Noura, Amelie Gyrard, Sebastian Heil, Martin Gaedke. Automatic Knowledge Extraction to build Semantic Web of Things Applications. IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Journal. 2019 ;.  (259.11 KB)
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Ling Liu, Keke Chen. Best K: the Critical Clustering Structures in Categorical Data. 2008 ;.  (0 bytes)
Amit Sheth. Beyond SAWSDL: A Game Plan for Broader Adoption of Semantic Web Services. Trends & Controversies: Semantic Web Services, Part 2. 2007 ;.  (35.36 KB)
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