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Journal Article
York Sure, Andreas Eberhart, Rudi Studer, Pascal Hitzler. The Semantic Web in One Day. IEEE Intelligent Systems. 2005 ;:85-87.  (133.79 KB)
R. Studer, A. Ankolekar, Pascal Hitzler. A Semantic Future for AI. IEEE Intelligent Systems. 2006 ;:8-9.  (80.16 KB)
Conference Paper
Stephan Grimm, Andreas Eberhart, Rudi Studer, Sudhir Agarwal, Daniel Oberle, Steffen Lamparter, Pascal Hitzler. Semantic Management of Web Services using the Core Ontology of Services. In W3C Workshop on Frameworks for Semantics in Web Services; 2005.  (0 bytes)
R. Studer, S. Brockmans, P. Haase, Pascal Hitzler. A Metamodel and UML Profile for Rule-extended OWL DL Ontologies. In 3rd European Semantic Web Conference, ESWC 2006. Budva, Montenegro; 2006. p. 303-316.  (515.55 KB)
Anupriya Ankolekar, Pascal Hitzler, Holger Lewen, Daniel Oberle, Rudi Studer. Integrating Semantic Web Services for Mobile Access. In 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2006). Budva, Montenegro; 2006.  (281.12 KB)
Pascal Hitzler, York Sure, Rudi Studer, Markus Krotzsch, Peter Haase. DLP Isn't So Bad After All. In DLP Isn't So Bad After All. 2005.
York Sure, Rudi Studer, Markus Krotzsch, Peter Haase, Pascal Hitzler. DLP Isn't So Bad After All. In 2005.  (88.28 KB)
York Sure, Rudi Studer, Pascal Hitzler. Description Logic Programs: A Practical Choice For the Modelling of Ontologies. In 1st Workshop on Formal Ontologies meet Meet Industry, FOMI'05; 2005.  (0 bytes)
Rudi Studer, Jurgen Angele, Boris Motik, Pascal Hitzler. Bridging the Paradigm Gap with Rules for OWL. In W3C Workshop on Rule Languages for Interoperability; 2005.  (0 bytes)