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Thomas Wischgoll, Joerg Meyer. Fly Through a Pig's Heart: An Educational Computer Game. In 2005.
Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Trivikram Immaneni. Formalizing and Querying Heterogeneous Documents with Tables. In Formalizing and Querying Heterogeneous Documents with Tables. 2005.  (0 bytes)
Amit Sheth. From Semantic Search & Integration to Analytics. In 2005.  (346.75 KB)
Travis Doom, Michael Raymer, M. Peterson. GA-facilitated classifier optimization with varying similarity measures. 2005 ;.
M. Peterson, Michael Raymer, Travis Doom. GA-Facilitated KNN Classifier Optimization with Varying Similarity Measures. In 2005.
William York, Amit Sheth, Cory Henson, Christopher Thomas, Satya S. Sahoo. GLYDE-an expressive XML standard for the representation of glycan structure. Carbohydr Res. 2005 ;.  (159.16 KB)
Saeed Mohammadloo, Bahadorreza Ofoght, Kambiz Badie, Maryam Panahiazar. A Hybrid Approach for Semi-automatic Ontology Development with Knowledge Extraction from Focused Textual Documents. In 2005.
D. Sokol, A. Berkovich, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan. An Information Extraction Approach to Reorganizing and Summarizing Specifications. 2005 ;.  (0 bytes)
Thomas Wischgoll, Joerg Meyer, Elke Moritz. Integrated Visualization and Analysis of a Pig's Cardiovascular System. In 2005.
Integrating First Order Logic Programs and Connectionist Systems - A Constructive Approach. In 2005.  (0 bytes)
Thomas Wischgoll, Joerg Meyer. The Interior of a Pig's Heart: A Museum Exhibit. In 2005.
Sibylle Schwarz, Pascal Hitzler. Level Mapping Characterizations of Selector-Generated Models for Logic Programs. In 19th Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming; 2005.  (0 bytes)
Amit Sheth, Christoph Bussler, Jorge Cardoso. Lifecycle of Semantic Web Processes. In CAiSE. Porto, Portugal: CAiSE; 2005.  (3 MB) (2.66 MB)
Amit Sheth, John Miller, Kunal Verma, Christoph Bussler, Adrian Mochan, Michal Zaremba. Linking Semantics Web service Efforts - Integrating WSMX and METEOR-S. 2005.  (133.02 KB)
Zixin Wu, Kunal Verma, John Miller, Amit Sheth, Karthik Gomadam. The METEOR-S Approach for Configuring and Executing Dynamic Web Processes. 2005.  (247.45 KB)
Amit Sheth, Christopher Thomas, Nicole Oldham, Kunal Verma. METEOR-S Web Service Annotation Framework with Machine Learning Classification. In 2005.
Kunal Verma, Kaarthik Sivashanmugam, Amit Sheth, Abhijit Patil, Swapna Oundhakar, John Miller. METEOR-S WSDI: A Scalable P2P Infrastructure of Registries for Semantic Publication and Discovery of Web Services. 2005 ;:17-39.  (669.58 KB)
Sudhir Agarwal, Pascal Hitzler. Modeling Fuzzy Rules with Description Logics. In 2005.  (186.61 KB)
Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, D. Ravishankar, Trivikram Immaneni. A Modular Approach to Document Indexing and Semantic Search. In A Modular Approach to Document Indexing and Semantic Search. 2005.  (0 bytes)
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Boanerges Aleman-Meza, Amit Sheth, Michael Moore, Samir Tartir, Ismailcem Budak Arpinar. OntoQA: Metric-Based Ontology Quality Analysis. In IEEE ICDM 2005 Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition from Distributed, Autonomous, Semantically Heterogeneous Data and Knowledge Sources. Houston, TX; 2005.  (309.9 KB) (542.5 KB)
Amit Sheth, Ivan Vasquez, John Miller, Kunal Verma. Open WS-Transaction: Enabling Reliable Web Service Transactions. In Service-Oriented Computing -ICSOC 2005: 3rd International Conference. Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2005.  (76.08 KB)
Amit Sheth, Prashant Doshi, Kunal Verma, Karthik Gomadam, John Miller. Optimal Adaptation in Autonomic Web Processes with Inter-Service Dependencies. 2005.  (384.57 KB)
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Amit Sheth. Semantics Enabled Industrial and Scientific Applications: Research, Technology and Deployed Applications. In First Online Metadata and Semantic Research Conference; 2005.  (0 bytes)
Amit Sheth. Semantics for Scientific Experiments and the Web: the implicit, the formal and the powerful. In BISCSE 2005: Forging New Frontiers; 2005.  (6.53 MB)
Amit Sheth. Semantics for the Real World and the Natural World in the Model World. In Semantics for the Real World and the Natural World in the Model World. 2005.
Cartic Ramakrishnan, Amit Sheth, Christopher Thomas. Semantics for The Semantic Web: the Implicit, the Formal and the Powerful. International Journal on Semantic Web & Information Systems. 2005 ;1(1):1-18.  (2.85 MB) (1.83 MB)
Amit Sheth, Kemafor Anyanwu, Angela Maduko. SemRank: Ranking Complex Relationship Search Results on the Semantic Web. In 14th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2005). Chiba, Japan; 2005.  (522.09 KB)
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Vipul Kashyap, Amit Sheth, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Christopher Thomas. TaxaMiner: An Experimental Framework for Automated Taxonomy Bootstrapping. 2005 ;.  (1.76 MB)