KDDM: AFRL/RX Materials Database Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

According to Paula S. Apsell (the Senior Executive Producer for NOVA), "Few people realize it, but materials are the basis of our civilization”. It is no longer possible to look up a few materials and their properties in a couple of handbooks since increased performance is driven by the optimal use of new materials, especially in industries such as aerospace, electronics, and defense where the United States maintains a competitive advantage over the rest of the world. The Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (AFRL/RX) develops materials, processes, and manufacturing and sustainment technologies across the spectrum of aircraft, spacecraft and missile applications.

However, there are few attempts that try to understand the full ramifications of using informatics in a more concerted manner for data management in the field of Material science.

Knoesis Center with the collaboration with AFRL/RX applying knowledge and technology in informatics to the material domains, thus introducing the materials and process community to better data management practices. A data exchange system that will allow researchers to index, search, and compare data will enable a shortened transition cycle in material science which is usually takes 5 to 10 years. This multi-disciplinary project seeks to span informatics and material science to fill this gap.

We will develop materials ontologies that establish a common vocabulary and the associated tools to manipulate the structured/unstructured corpus. These ontologies will focused in-depth biomaterials ontology and broader materials research ontology.

We will develop the relationship-driven, materials data set and tools to extract relevant information, gain new insights, and deepen understanding from large numbers of documents describing DNA/proteins, environments and their ability to adhere to various surfaces. We illustrate the use of the ontology to semantically search for relevant KDDM biomaterials information quickly.Datasets and software developed as part of this project will be made available to the broader research community in material science.

Keywords: Material Science, Biomaterial, Ontology, Semantic annotation, Semantic search, Data management

Collaborative team of Knoesis center at Wright State University (WSU) and Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (AFRL/RX)

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Prof. Amit Sheth WSU Co-PIs: Prof. T.K. Prasad, Prof. Raghavan Srinivasan


Clare Paul



ALION Science and Technology funds this collaborative research under award SUB1122472-001 to Wright State University (PI: Amit Sheth), 07/01/2013 – O6/30/2014.

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